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My Services

Your needs will be as unique as your business but take a look below to get an idea of the different ways we can work together.

"People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relations, stories & magic"

Seth Godin  -  The History of Marketing

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Consulting Services

Kicking off a new venture? Stuck with your current comms and marketing approach?


Whether it’s setting up your first website or making improvements to the “quick let’s just get something online” site you hacked together - I can provide guidance, oversee your website redesign and more.


Feel like you’ve tapped all your markets or you’re not sure who you should be targeting? Let’s streamline and start talking to the right people at the right time.


Not sure what you need or where to begin? Book an HOUR OF POWER where you can explain your business and where you’re at and I’ll share my thoughts and marketing advice.

Consulting Detail

Content Creation & Digital Marketing

Need ongoing support with your social media and email campaigns? Looking for help with a unique project or targeted campaign?


Having an engaging online presence is a critical component of any business - it’s where people go to learn about your services, where you build trust and share your vision and values. 


Whether you’re launching your business or a new product and need content for your website and socials or you’d like to ensure consistent content is being shared with your email list, I’ll work with you to develop creative and compelling content that articulates who you are to your target market.


I offer S, M and L packages for ongoing social media and email support or custom quotes for unique projects and launches.

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Content Creation - Services
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Copywriting Services

Need to nail an upcoming speech? Language looking a little dull?


While we all learnt how to read and write way back when - creative and compelling copywriting isn’t innate and the time you’ll spend trying could usually be spent on better things.


Whether it’s blogs, captions for social media, speeches, scripts for videos or descriptions for products - if words aren’t your thing - I can help.


Let’s chat about how I can create error free, engaging content that performs well and connects with your audience.

Copywriting - Services

Project Management

Got a project you’ve been putting off? Bit off more than you can chew? 


I have delivered a wide range of projects including creating and launching online courses, large outdoor Christmas Festivals, websites and brand redesigns, bespoke events and more. If you’ve got something you need to pull together and details aren’t your thing or you’ve just got too much on your plate - let me liaise on your behalf. I’ll pull everything together, ensure suppliers meet deadlines and everyone is on the same page and on track for success.


While I specialise in marketing and comms based projects - I’ve got the right mix of creativity and analytical skills to tackle any project.


Whatever your goal, let’s figure it out together.

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Project Mgmt - Services

Not sure where to begin? Book in an HOUR OF POWER today. 

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